Intimate Journalism

Intimate JournalismAn exemplary text for courses in feature writing, magazine and literary journalism, Intimate Journalism introduces students to the cutting-edge art of combining traditional feature writing with deep journalistic inquiry.

This collection of award-winning articles elevates human interest reporting to new heights in the literary journalism field. In a hands-on, practical primer on in-depth human interest reporting, editor Walt Harrington prefaces this outstanding collection by sharing trade secrets from his many years as a staff writer for The Washington Post Magazine.

Fifteen articles follow, each containing examples of evocative human reporting by some of the most artful journalists in America. Each article is followed by an afterword from each journalist describing how he or she conceptualized, reported and wrote a particular story. In this passionate and intense volume, Mr. Harrington gives journalists inspiration and guidance on how to turn ordinary life into extraordinary journalism.

A must for journalism students and teachers, for magazine and newspaper writers, and for professional journalists who wish to be re-inspired by the superb reporting, distinctive writing, and sound advice found in this text.

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